The Armory Series 3 Ghost Collectible Pin with Emblem
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Your Ghost is the perfect companion on all of your missions. Now you can take it with you as you adventure through the real world as well. Pin one to your chest and let it light the way.

Each Armory Series Ghost pin comes with an exclusive Destiny 2 "Second Mark of the Collector" Emblem code, printed on the inside of each insert card.

  • Official Destiny Collectible Pin "Blind Bag"
  • One Pin per package with chance for Rare Pin
  • Each package comes with a scratch-off redemption code for an in-game emblem and instructions on how to redeem
  • Single Pin, Enamel Fill
  • Rubber Tricorn Clutch
  • Each armory pin is approximately 2" Wide 
  • The emblem in-game is exclusive to Destiny 2

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