The Armory Series 4 Collectible Helmet Pin with Emblem
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Dressing like a Guardian is hard and let’s be honest, unless you’re doing 360s on your Sparrow, it’s a little overkill. Well, we’ve got good news! Bungie engineers have designed a new piece of armor so lightweight and small that if it weren’t for people constantly complimenting you, you’d forget you were wearing it.

  • Official Destiny Collectible Pin "Blind Bag"
  • One Pin per package with chance for Rare Pin
  • Each package comes with a scratch-off redemption code for an exclusive in-game "Cybernetic Bloom" emblem and instructions on how to redeem
  • Single Pin
  • Unique full color laser print method
  • Each pin has 2 Rubber Tricorn-shaped clutches on back
  • Each armory pin is approximately 2" Wide

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